Moroccan Zellige tiles are traditional handmade mosaic tiles crafted from natural clay, featuring vibrant colors and intricate geometric patterns. Produced by skilled artisans, the tiles find use in diverse applications like flooring and wall cladding. Their cultural significance lies in their association with traditional Moroccan architecture and Islamic art, symbolizing unity and infinity. Despite their roots, Zellige tiles have gained global popularity, becoming a sought-after element in contemporary interior design and international architectural projects. In essence, they embody centuries-old craftsmanship, cultural heritage, and a timeless aesthetic appreciated worldwide.

« Perfectly Imperfect Tile »

Crafted in the authentic Moroccan tradition, it bears the marks of ancient techniques: uneven shapes, protruding edges, irregular shades, and subtle speckles.

Our Zellige tile is a natural beauty, coated in a warm linen-toned glaze with a hint of blush. This glaze highlights the clay's texture and heritage, creating a timeless piece that blends seamlessly with any setting, from ancient to modern.

We're passionate about Zellige tiles here, driven by our commitment to exploring surfaces that push the boundaries of design. These tiles, from Morocco, embody centuries of craftsmanship and tradition.

What makes authentic Moroccan Zellige truly captivating are its imperfections. It's in these beautiful flaws, irregularities, and variations that its unique character shines through. Our Zellige tiles are crafted at the heart of expertise for this ancient art form, where generations have passed down the skill of hand-cutting and hand-glazing with precision. Each tile is a testament to this meticulous craftsmanship, being hand-molded, hand-cut, and hand-glazed, ensuring that no two Zellige tiles are exactly alike.

Authenticity is paramount when it comes to Zellige tiles. We're committed to preserving the true essence of this Moroccan tradition. Our Zellige tiles are handcrafted from the original clay, fired using ancient methods in bee-hive kilns fueled by olive pits and branches. We believe in offering the real deal, ensuring each tile bears the signature pitted surfaces and hand-chiseled edges that define authentic Zellige.